This is the complete set of the latest North Grant Park graphics that were placed on display in the Pedway under Block 37 for one week starting on January 25, 2012.  We posted the most controversial "tennis court" issue first, and then the remaining graphics are in the order presented from left to right. 
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Both the park district and the architect are consulting with the National Tennis Association to design the latest tennis courts that will respect the views and environment of the 400 Randolph residents.  The distance from the residents will be similar to the distance from the current ice rink to the 340 Randolph and Buckingham buildings.  They report no concern with the ice rink.  Also: 1) the site of Peanut Park is lower; 2) the side line lights of the courts will be east/west rather than north/south like the ice rink; and 3) the surface will be darker rather than white. A full environmental review will be requested before any park district decision is made.
Climbing Park
Skating Ribbon around Climbing Park
Play Garden
Cafe Terrace
No  Skate or Scookter Park in Jan. 2012 Plan
Tennis Courts
"Concession" not in Jan. 2012 plan.
This could be landscaped hill.
Existing Fieldhouse
Monroe Street
Middle Columbus Drive to Chicago River Bridge
BP Bridge
Upper Randolph Street
Upper Randolph <--->
Middle Randolph to LSD--->
To Lower Randolph --->
Daley Plaza
Peanut      Park
Correct Location to Lower Randolph --->