The initial pictures on this webpage were taken on Thursday, September 6, 2012 (earlier pictures on this webpage were taken on Sept. 1, 2012).  The initial report of $150,000 damage was increased to $350,000.  However as these pictures clearly show, Grant Park has been ONLY HALF RESTORED to the condition it was before the 2012 Lallopalooza on August 3, 4, 5, 2012.   This observation will be shared with city and park district officials.  See further recommendations below the pictures.
The following pictures were taken by R.F. Ward 5 days earlier on September 1, 2012, approximately a month after the 300,000 Lallopalooza folks caused the damage.
The above pictures clearly show that the Lallopalooza promoters are not being required this year to adhere to the provisions of their contract by Chicago or park district officials.  After the 2011 trashing, the promoters were required to replace all the damaged grass with sod, and it cost them $1,000,000.   In 2012, LESS damage was caused by the 300,000 Lallopalooza energenic crowd, however our "front yard" has NOT been returned to the condition before the concert.  Please look for yourself...the promoters are only HALF DONE - the pictures and a quick 10-minute inspection tour will prove that to you. Spreading grass seed is "efficient" if our Chicago citizens are willing to wait until next Spring to use their park.  Better yet - follow the contract.

We have seen Chicago's beautiful "front yard" trashed for two years in a row.  Grant Park was respected for larger events than Lallopalooza by intelligently recognizing that grass cannot survive multiple days of aggressive concentrated abuse.   During previous year's July 3rd Taste of Chicago events, we hosted a million persons, by using the hard surfaces of Columbus Drive and the extra wide sidewalks.  Lallopalooza should be required to erect their main stages on Columbus that can tolerate an energenic crowd of 90,000 persons for 3 days in a row.  Side stages can utilize the east and west closed hard surfaces of Jackson and Balbo.

Another location that has proved perfect for large concerts is Northerly Island.  The view of Chicago's skyline from the former Meigs Field is outstanding - even better than Grant Park. 

And the promoters would not have to worry about violating Illinois noise limits adjacent to residential areas.  Unfortunately, Chicago's home-rule powers exempt loud entertainment performances that are limited through-out Illinois - except Chicago.  In Chicago, we have to rely on our environmental department to remember for each permit, to limit noise exposure to adjacent residents.  If they forget, then those living near Lallopalooza can only escape 39 hours of thumping noise by walking or driving further away from our homes.
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This trashing is not acceptable for our "front yard".
This area was covered with a mat and should be replaced with sod.
Who made the decision that this area did NOT need to be resodded again this year, just  like it was after last year's 2011 destruction. ?
Should Chicago citizens have to wait until Spring  to enjoy this area of their "front Yard" ?
This barren area of Grant Park was resodded just last year by the same promoter that is responsible for resodding this area in 2012.  Why were they given a pass this year ?
Now look at the photos taken by the park district of their completed work. This is a link to the park district website.