2012 Lollapalooza Damage to Grant Park...pictures taken Tuesday, August 7, 2012 by R. F. Ward
The following pictures were taken on the way back from inspecting the Grant Park damage on August 7, 2012  ...and are separate issues that need attention.
This intersection at Monroe and Lake Shore Drive is the only area where pedestrians (especially with children) are not separated by a grass strip from high-volume medium-speed traffic.  This recently replaced barrier should be extended to the corner of Monroe. 
The following pictures are from the Cancer Survivors Garden, where the weeds need treatment,  the water system needs repair, and the trellis recoating.
The watering system needs repair.
The rusty trellis needs recoating.
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This was the "protected" grass under the control booth that shows the condition of the grass before Lollapalooza..
Fencing protected the more fragile gardens in Grant Park.
These aluminum mats were used to protect the truck pathways, and hopefully to be the primary pedestrian walkway between events.  It will be interesting to see the condition of the grass when these are removed. It seems very difficult to train 70,000 persons to help protect Grant Park. 
This is unacceptable destruction of Chicago's Historically and Legally Protected Front Yard.
It should be determined if the profits are being enjoyed by regional Chicago companies.
To control the crowds, and cut off an escape route for gate-crashers, this fence on the east side of Lake Shore Drive was erected.
Rather than use Columbus Drive, this Lake Shore Drive pedestrian walk was being used two days after the event closed.
The flower beds cannot survive without water.