The comments made on the January plan, such as the environmental review on the planned tennis courts in Peanut Park, still need to be addressed
Several of the "local ideas" such as the access from Upper Randolph and the lakefront, and the access from Peanut Park to Lower Randolph still need to be addressed
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Please share your comments and ideas with your New Eastside neighbors, the park district planners, and the consultants.
These are the same 10 graphics that were released June 12, 2012 online at   They were simply copied and made larger for easier studying by the New Eastside community and any others aware of this neighborhood website.
"Existing Intake" ---->
This 30 degree slope would not be handicap accessible to Lower Randolph ----->.
The majority of persons going from Millennium Park to Navy Pier wil cut across this open grass area, and there will be a worn "desire path".
Buckingham Fountain
View of Lake Michigan looking southeast through the trees.