Clean LOWER New Eastside
Our distinctive 3 levels of the New Eastside nearly eliminate any serious traffic delays. However, since the NEW EAST RANDOLPH VIADUCT was built over the railroad tracks in 1929, it has never rained on Lower Randolph. Several years ago, when the Streets and Sanitation Department moved to Lower Randolph, their sidewalk and street sweepers have improved the conditions, but the area still needs a good power washing.

The homeless population has also been reduced from over 120 to about 35 persons, and they have contributed to the material that needs to be removed.
For many years, the streets and sidewalks have been a convenient place to store garbage dumpsters waiting to be picked up. An effort should be made to find more suitable locations on private property for our building garbage.
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NEAR is making an effort to clean up all the streets and sidewalks of the New Eastside area.  All residents and owners can urge their condominium boards and commercial property owners and management  to improve the conditions adjacent to their buildings. Power washing the brick and sidewalks and painting the concrete blocks WHITE will enhance all of our property values and make the New Eastside an even greater place to live.
Added September, 2006
Bird droppings from a drain access opening under the 175 garage are causing a mess on the sidewalk that is used by many dog walkers going to Lakeshore East Park.
<---------This pavement elevation change at the northwest corner of 175 Harbor is a danger to bicycles, vehicles and pedestrians.
The east half of Lower Harbor Drive has been used for Vendor Parking behind 175 Harbor for many years. To be consistant, the entire east half of Lower Harbor Drive should be considered for parking also, including adjacent to 155 Harbor. That would leave two lanes on the west half of Lower Harbor Drive, and reduce the confusion along the entire stretch of roadway.
This is the hidden drop-off in the previous picture, where a biker was reported injured.