This existing layout of Grant Park was distributed at the first of three "focus group" meetings on January 31, 2001. The objective of the focus group is to identify the needs and desires of the residents that live north, west and south of Grant Park. 

The Grant Park Framework Steering Committee of 25 organizations has been meeting for several months with park district planners and consulting firms. Several ideas being considered have been reported in the North Loop News and the Chicago Tribune.  This website will attempt to present the information that has already been made available to reporters. The Chicago Department of Transporation is currently studying such ideas as restricting the flow of Columbus traffic at the south end of the park and also the possibility of permanently closing Monroe from Columbus to Lake Shore drive.

More information will be made available on this website as it becomes available.
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Planners have suggested creating natural wetlands at the north end of the park, and suspending a lakefront promenade out in Lake Michigan, with water on both sides.
Moving the Petrillo Music Shell from Butler Field down to Hutchinson Field so that there could be two live music shows in Grant Park and not compete with the Millennium stage currently under construction.  See new proposed depressed stage and  hill as of May, 2001
The one Grant Park upgrade that is funded ($19 million) is a pedestrian underpass or bridge between the Queens Landing and Buckingham Fountain
Suggestions include bridging over the commuter tracks creating a massive festival grounds. This reclaimed land could have a gravel surface to be rugged but also landscaped into many smaller "rooms"similar to many of the classically designed areas of Grant Park. 
Monroe could be permanently closed from Columbus to Lake Shore Drive.
Enhancing the lake shore promenade with terraces and water features.
Larger festivals could spill over Columbus Drive and intoHutchinson Field
Some of the Metra tracks could be left exposed to watch the trains. Movement could be denoted by a water feature or a lighting system
Neighborhood residents desire  playgrounds for children.
Rejected by Dept. of Trans...needed for East-West traffic 
New Information presented May 15, 2001
New lake steps
Eight ball diamonds
Lake Steps
Hill and depressed stage
 Millennium Park under construction
Expanded Fieldhouse
Lake Walkway Bridge
Depressed stage
Audience Hill
Wider sidewalks to  de-emphasize streets
South Playground and Fields
Relocate festivals to the south
Lake steps
FRAMEWORK of 5/15/2001    (for future funding)