Lake Shore Drive Access
We are working on gaining access directly to both northbound and southbound Lake Shore Drive from LOWER HARBOR ( through the easement just north of the Park Shore building). We will all be able to drive down Field Drive, turn right just before the Lancaster and go directly to the Lake Shore Drive "on ramps".

Before we show you the pictures of the proposed LSD access route from LOWER HARBOR, the first picture is the best way to get from our lower garage exits to the CONGRESS EXPRESSWAY and avoid ALL downtown traffic. From LOWER Columbus and Wacker, this ramp goes up to "Lower Wacker" heading west. Lower Wacker (there are only 2 levels west of Michigan)  will follow the river southbound. Stay on the right and follow the signs to Congress westbound.
This is the access road easement just north of the Park Shore garage doors (195 Harbor).
Lower Harbor Drive...........>
The road is currently blocked with these four barriers, but when Dennis Sinclair (195 Board) and Alderman Natarus get them removed, we will have direct access to Lake Shore Drive.
Now to Lake Shore Drive from Lower Harbor
To Northbound Lake Shore Drive
To Southbound Lake Shore Drive
Parking Attendent Shack in last picture..................>
To LSD ACCESS.........>
Best route to Congress Expressway is up to
<.......From LOWER Columbus
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This is LOWER LOWER Wacker (Somewhat confusing)
Sign reads:
Current walkway to Lakefront.