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Add your or your friends EMAIL address (with their permission) to our notification list  (please note bldg. :340,360,400,155,175,195, Lancaster, Shoreham,Park Millennium,Columbus Plaza, Doral,etc.)
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This page was last updated on: March 10, 2011
Several years ago, all community meetings were announced on this webpage.  We will leave the webpage posted in keeping with the policy of this website: to rarely delete anything...that could be a useful archive...or used in the future.

However, in recent years, the New Eastside Email notification lists have been used as the primary means of announcing meetings, updates on issues when they need wider knowledge by the community, and emergency or administrative announcements like the closing of roads for the Transformers-3 filming in 2010.

We recommend that you list your email address at , and encourage your neighbors to list their address too.  If you have their permission, you can list their address for them.  Sometimes people need just a little bit of encouragment or help.  As of the beginning of 2011, there are over 1250 email addresses in the separate building lists.  There is even a list for "interested non-residents".