The Chicago Park District signed a  50-year Agreement in 1995 to "not take any action or neglect to take any action that would diminish or compromise the Project or its purposes as contemplated herein."
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You can read the entire 29-page .pdf file Agreement between the Chicago Park District and the Bloch Foundation....CLICK ->
The highlighting on these excerpts was done by the Chicago Park District.  This document was obtained through a Freedom of Information request, so apparently CPD did not have a clean copy.  However, the highlighting provides evidence that the park district knows they need approval to move the Cancer Survivors Plaza.  Bloch Foundation representatives testified at the 4th Public Meeting that they wanted to remain in their present location. 
Based on the initial design plans for North Grant Park presented on September 23, 2010 to a few organizations, including NEAR....the consultants and park district planners apparently disregarded nearly all the testimony and public  input that they received at the 4 Public Meetings.

We took pictures of the graphics presented, and had to agree not to publish them until the consultants and park district had an opportunity to prepare a more acceptable version.  The initial version moves the Cancer Survivors Plaza to the highest traffic areas of Grant Park.  It also eliminated the ice rink, makes no mention of replacing the field house, raises the level of Peanut Park to look over Lake Shore Drive, ignores current access from Lower Randolph, and proposes a new land bridge over Lake Shore Drive.  It has been estimated that the pedestrian land bridge would cost over $30 million and consume the entire budget for North Grant Park. 
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