July 16, 2004....... Thank You Mayor Daley, John Bryan, Ed Uhlir and the thousands of leaders, contributors, engineers, architects, and construction workers.  Chicago is now an even greater world destination.  We are proud of our home community.
These are just a few pictures taken on opening day by one camera out of the thousands of people taking pictures to remember the opening of our newest and finest public open space - Millennium Park.
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Mayor Daley opens the permanent sliding glass doors that "cut" a huge ribbon....and the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra and Chorus begins their opening tribute including the Star-Spangled Banner.
Earlier on Opening Day, Friday July 16, 2004, thousands of Chicago residents and visitors began enjoying the new attractions including the "BP Bridge" linking Daley Bicentennial Plaza over Columbus Drive.
The new "Pritzker Pavilion" has seating for 4000 persons with room for 7000 on the "Great Lawn".  The speaker system on the "trellis" provides concert-hall sound quality for everyone.
Millennium Monument in Wrigley Square is a permanent limestone 80%-replica of the original 1917 concrete Peristyle that was removed in 1953 for the Grant Park North garage.
Opening Day view from the Cultural Center.
"Cloud Gate" Sculpture in SBC Plaza with our New Eastside community in the background.
"Cloud Gate" reflections are fascinating to park visitors.
View looking up under Cloud Gate reveals unfinished seams that will be polished soon.
Crown Fountain spouting was a magnet for children and adults.
On opening night, fascinated crowds gathered and waited patiently for lips to pucker.
Freshly planted Lurie Garden is beautiful with the calming boardwalk stream.   As the plants, trees, and evergreens mature, it will be an evolving attraction during each season.
The threatening skies of opening night held back, and everyone enjoyed the concert.
Thank You Chicago...... for our new Millennium Park.
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