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  Recorded 2001 Agreement between Lakeshore East and The Buckingham

AGREEMENT entered into as of this 15th day of March, 2001 by and between Lakeshore East, LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company (hereinafter "Lakeshore Easy" or "Developer") and the Buckingham Condominium Association, an Illinois Not for Profit Association (hereinafter "Buckingham").

WHEREAS, Lakeshore East has applied to the City of Chicago to amend the Residential-Business Planned Development No. 70 in order to construct a mixed-use development commonly known as "Lakeshore East" ("the development"); and,

WHEREAS, The Development will be adjacent to the Buckingham on its West and North sides; and,

WHEREAS, Lakeshore East has agreed to certain design accommodations to make the Development more compatible with the Buckingham; and,

WHEREAS, the parties seek to document the agreed upon accommodations for their mutual benefit and the benefit of their successors;

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and mutual covenants of the parties hereto and for other good and valuable consifderation, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:

1. The east wall of the high-rise building to be built immediately west of the Buckingham, designated as  F-1 on the Developer's design plan, shall be no less than eighty (80) feet from the west wall of the Buckingham.

2. The townhouses to be built to the north of the Buckingham shall be built no closer than 124 feet north of the north wall of the Buckingham and shall be no higher than forth (40) feet high as measured from the elevation of the Park Drive immediately adjacent to the townhomes.

3. Lakeshore agrees for itself and its successors and assigns, that the following development design criteria shall be utilized in connection with Parcels F and F-1:

a. The eastern edge of the future development on parcel F-1 will maximize the place of occupied space along the eastern building facade at all levels.

b. The eastern edge of future buildings on parcel F may not be treated as a 'rear' facade with long expansive blank walls.

c. A minimum of 40% of the eastern building frontage will be treated with window openings to residential space within the building.

d. Any opaque surface along this edge will be articulated with architectural cladding.

e. This building edge will be expressed similar in character as the building edge fronting East Randolph Street.

4. Both parties shall request and encourage the City of Chicago to build a cut-through or turn around in the center of Randolph Street to the east of the Buckingham's lobby to allow eastbound vehicles to make a U-turn and proceed west without going through the Field Drive intersection.

5. A member of the Buckingham Board shall appear before the Plan commission of the City of Chicago at the March 15, 2001 scheduled hearing, or any continuation thereof, and on behalf of the Buckingham will offer no objection to the Plan Commission for the Development.

6. This Agreement shall be enforceable and binding on the parties, their heirs, successors and assigns.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement effective as of the date first above written.

          The Buckingham Condominium Association           Lakeshore East, LLC

          By:   s/s Susan Price, President                               By:   s/s   Joel Carlins
                   Its Duly Authorized Officer                                        Its Duly Authorized Member or Manager
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Chicago Planning Department Approval of 340 Randolph Building with requirement to extend Pedway "under upper Randolph" to corner of Buckingham.

January 10, 2005

Mr. Kerry Dickson
LR Development
350 West Hubbard, Suite 301
Chicago, Illinois 60610

RE: Site Plan Approval for Residential-Business Planned Development No. 70, as amended (Lakeshore East) Sub-Area E, Sub-Parcel F1 and Lakefront No. 374 (340 East Randolph Street)

Dear Mr. Dickson:

We have reviewed the Site Plan, Landscape Plan and Building Elevation Plans submitted by you for the construction of a 62-story residential high-rise building containing three hundred and forty (344) dwelling units and three hundred and ninety-four (394) parking spaces. The plans, prepared by SCB and Associates, Inc and dated July 9, 2004, were submitted in accordance with Statement No. 13 of Residential-Business Planned Development No. 70, as amended.

Upon review of the material submitted, the Department of Planning and Development has determined that these plans are consistant with, and satisfy the requirements of, the Plan of Development.

Your project will need to connect to the existing pedway that links the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Building to Daley Bicentennial Plaza. We would prefer that this elevator be developed so that future residents of 340 East Randolph are able to reach it without having to go outdoors. If the condominium board of the Buckingham were to request that they have a connection to the pedway, you will be required to extend the pedway under upper Randolph east to the eastern property line (extended) of your development parcel.

Accordingly, the Site Plan Submittal for Residential-Business Planned Development No. 70, 340 East Randolph (Sub-Area E, Sub-Parcel F1) is hereby approved as conforming to the Plan of Development as amended and passed by the Chicago City Council on June 19, 2002.

Very truly yours,

s/s Denise M. Casalino, P.E.
Department of Planning and Development


Cc:  Terri Haymaker, DPD
       Mike Marno, DPD
       Benet Haller, DPD
       PD Files

Please note that the required pedway extension to the corner of the Buckingham is required to be "under upper Randolph", so the already approved extension (but no longer funded) to the 400 Randolph, 155 Harbor, 175 Harbor, and 195 Harbor buildings will remain feasible when the City of Chicago restores the funding that it allowed the successive developer, Lakeshore East, to shed in their 2001 draft - that was later approved by the City Council, in spite of objections from affected residents.

Click below to view a correctly formatted copy of the 4-page TIFF  Document obtained  from the Cook County Recorder's website.
This graphic may not be current as of March, 2007. Areas outlined in RED appear to violate 2001 Lakeshore East Agreement with Buckingham.
This graphic is from the sign on the property in January, 2007
This was the condition of the site in January, 2007
Graphic from recent Lakeshore East "Neighborhood" Brochure.

Note expanded AQUA Private Plaza----------------->
You must have Microsoft Office Document Imaging software on your computer to view this file.
340 Property Ends Here and the Buckingham Concourse Level Starts Here--------------------------------->
According to the above "340 Approval" document, whenever the Buckingham requests, Lakeshore East is required to extend the Pedway "under upper Randolph" to the southwest corner of the Buckingham Concourse Level.
To view and print a graphic of the changes that were negotiated by Buckingham with Lakeshore East in 2001, click this icon. This is a companion graphic prepared by Lakeshore East to the 2001 Covenant Agreement above. (Very useful to illustrate the intent to require no buildings and landscaped plaza 124 feet from the north wall of the Buckingham building AND townhouses limited in height to only 40 feet above the Benton Place Road OR maximum of 2 to 3 stories - see graphic.)
To view and print the text of the NEAR report to the neighborhood on the details of the 2001 Buckingham Agreement with Lakeshore East.
(Click graphic to magnify and make it readable - NEAR Secretary has the original on her computer.)
Required Pedway Extension by Developer
+32 Feet.
+16 Feet
+24 Feet
Maximum 2-3 Stories
No Buildings Per Agreement
Note 40 foot height limit of this March 2, 2001 PD 70 Amendment just 13 days before the Recorded Buckingham Covenant Agreement was signed with Lakeshore East.
Note that there is no 9 foot 5 inch wall protruding to block the open view to the north from the Buckingham entrance driveway.
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