Public Dining
Modern Wing (under construction)
Bridge Height 30 feet over Monroe
Public Sculpture Deck
Good View of Laurie Garden from Bridge and Sculpture Deck
No current plans to cover railroad tracks
West View (from Michigan Avenue)
This line is actually level in graphic presented -------->
Section of Bridge
Thick Aluminum Deck (with a heated rough surface, 15 feet wide)
Stainless steel Mesh Sides
Rain Gutter
South View (from Millennium Park)
Busway and Railroad Tracks
East View (from Columbus)
Closer View of Deck
Sculpture Garden and Observation deck
Enclosed  Public Dining Area
Bridge from Millennium
Busway from Hotels North of Chicago River to McCormick Convention Center
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The residents of the New Eastside Community, just north of Randolph, welcome both the Modern Art Institute Addition and this beautiful Piano designed pedestrian bridge connection to Millennium Park. We are fortunate to live near and to enjoy these world-class cultural attractions.

You may be interested to review the 2004 graphics of the Modern Wing of the Art Institute that is now under construction in 2006. Both the Modern Wing and the Bridge are scheduled to be completed in 2009.

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<----Top of Bridge
Bridge between Art Institute and Millennium Park
               to be completed in 2009 when the Modern Wing opens.