DEVELOPABLE               BUILT         DWELL. COV
                                          SQ.FT.     AC.     FAR     SQ.FT.        UNITS     %

A          1-2-3 ILL CTR           362,159    8.31    12.17    4,412,983    1572.5   35.5

B       AMOCO                      136,819   3.14    19.82    2,698,308          0      25.6

C   400 E. RANDOLPH          168,413   3.87    11.90    2,004,028     1682      31.7                       
      155 HARBOR

D   BUCK., FAIRMONT          413,475   9.49    13.80    5,707,385     2058.5   36.3
    BLVD TWRS, 175 HAR.
    SWISSOTEL,  195 HAR.

F    BLUE CROSS                 100,905   2.32   17.97    1,816,290           0      50.0

   A+B+C+D+F                   1,181,771  27.13  14.08   16,638,994     5,313

E   OPEN IN 1999               1,089,406  25.01  13.91   15,157,484   12,187

              TOTAL PD #70     2,271,177  52.14  14.0     31,796,478  17,500     50.0
                                                                                                                                                                    R. F. Ward, 9-15-
                                                Richard F. Ward
                                            155 Harbor Drive, 5101
                                            Chicago, Illinois 60601
                                        Home & Fax: 312, 938-0884

                                                                                             December 21, 1999

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP
224 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1000
Chicago, Illinois 60604

Illinois Center PD #70 Planning Team:

At the December 14, 1999 meeting of the Grant Park Advisory Council, Mr. Joel Carlins of the Magellan Development Group advised the audience that your firm would be preparing a new plan for the Illinois Center property. I am a member of GPAC but this letter is strictly from me as an individual interested in his community.When the Fujikawa plan received such negative reviews from the residents of the Buckingham and Outer Drive East, I prepared the attached Alternative Plan by merely rearranging the park and the buildings. As I have indicated on the plan, the density, the school, and the buildings are the same. The plan promotes the idea of connecting the Millennium Park with Navy Pier in a more direct manner by wrapping the required 6-acre park around the 5 existing residential buildings in the southeast corner of the Planned Development #70. It also recognizes that the people in these buildings were required to make buying decisions without the knowledge of where future buildings would be located. That was contrary to one of the purposes of planned developments, even back in 1969.

I fully realize that you are working for Magellan and therefore do not expect any direct response. But I did want you to be aware of some ideas from one individual in the community.


                                                       Richard F. Ward


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Note: In 1993, Chicago reaffirmed the 1969 total Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 14.0. For Planned Developments, FAR is the floor area of the building(s), divided by the net site area. That means Chicago has approved 28 story buildings if all parcels are covered to the maximum of 50% (see above). If only 25% of the parcels are covered, the buildings could be 56 stories tall, and still meet the 14.0 FAR overall PD#70 maximum. The 15 existing buildings have an average FAR of 14.08 (see above) The Fujikawa-Magellan Plan density was claimed to be 9.75 FAR. The new Skidmore-Magellan Plan density will be presented in late May or early June.
EXAMPLES:    AMOCO  19.82 FAR /  25.6% Coverage = 77 floors .....  BLUE CROSS  17.97 FAR / 50.0% Coverage = 36 floors (additional planned 24 floors will increase FAR)
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