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The history of our residential association NEAR began with our community's commercial association.  Chicago's New East Side was designated an official Chicago neighborhood by the Mayor (as reported on the CNES website)  Anchored by the original skyscraper, One Prudential Plaza, the area has been expanding and building ever since. With a master plan that includes the extensive underground "Pedway" system that links most of our commercial buildings in an environmentally controlled atmosphere, the three-tiered New East Side keeps truck traffic down below, pedestrians above.

In 1988, Chicago's New East Side Association was formed to mainly represent the commercial buildings. It consists of board members from the major property owners, building management and amenities located on the New East Side. The membership list reads like a who's who in commercial real estate: Prudential Plaza, The Aon Center, Blue Cross/Blue Shield Building, 233 N. Michigan, 303 E. Wacker, The Fairmont Chicago, The Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel, The Lakeshore Athletic Club, and the Mid-America Club.  Samual Budwig of the Metropolitan Structures helped create and served as the first president of the New Eastside Association (ref: Tribune obituaries, Apr 15, 2011)

The New Eastside Association of Residents (NEAR) has represented the residential buildings since 1991. On March 1, 1991, the New Eastside Association of Residents (NEAR) was incorporated as a Not-For-Profit Corporation in the State of Illinois. 

The original 1991 Officers and members of the Board of Directors were:
President – Lynn Thomsen
Vice-President –  Pam Martin 
Secretary/Treasurer –  Madelaine Kleinman
Director –  Elliot Lapan
Director –  ____ 

President – Alice H. Harper
Vice-President – Madelaine M. Kleinman
2nd Vice-President - T. vonDonop Buddington
Secretary –  Lynn K. Thomsen
Treasurer – Robert L. Goodman

President – Daniel A. Cantor
First Vice-President – Alice H. Harper
Second Vice-President - Eleanor S. Kovac
Recording Secretary – Lynn Hirschfeld Brahin
Treasurer- Robert L. Goodman
Membership Chair – Roz Goodman

President – Alice H.  Harper
Vice-President (Programs) – Anna M. Anthony
Vice-President – (Hospitality) – Eleanor S. Kovac
Secretary – Lynn Hirschfeld Brahin
Treasurer – Howard Adlin

President – Richard F. Ward
Vice-President (Programs) – Anna M. Anthony
Vice-President (Hospitality) – Eleanor S. Kovac
Secretary – Lynn Hirschfeld Brahin
Co-Treasurers – Howard Adlin / Richard Thennes

President - Richard F. Ward
Vice-President (Programs) - Anna M. Anthony
Vice-President (Publicity) - Patricia Reis
Director (Hospitality) - Leslie Fox
Secretary - Lynn Hirschfeld Brahin
Co-Treasurers - Richard Thennes / Deborah Eaves

President - Richard F. Ward
Vice-President - Dr. Fran Weinstock
Treasurer - Richard Thennes
Secretary - Pat Reis
Director - Leslie Fox
Director - John Wizgrid

President - Richard F. Ward
Vice-President - Dr. Fran Weinstock
Treasurer - Richard Thennes (retired 11/2015) / Thomas Besore (appointed 12/9/2015)
Secretary - Leslie Fox
Director - Todd Doersch 
Director - Gerald Moriarty

President - Richard F. Ward
Vice-President - Dr. Fran Weinstock
Treasurer - Gerald Moriarty 
Secretary - Leslie Fox
Director - Todd Doersch
Director - Thomas Besore (resigned 8-4-17)
Director - Joyce Gallagher
Director - Duncan Bourne (appt by board 6-12-18)
Director - David Piell (appt. by board 6-12-18)


Chicago's New Eastside is the area between Grant Park and the Chicago River, bounded on the east by Lake Shore Drive and on the west by Michigan Avenue. The site is mostly man-made land southeast of the old mouth of the river where Fort Dearborn was built in 1803. 
Until the 1970s the land was used as a vast railyard by the Illinois Central Railroad. It was developed gradually in several stages, including the Illinois Center megaproject. Development is expected to be finished by 2010 upon completion of Lakeshore East, another large mixed-use project designed to bring a more orderly layout to the eastern half of the area. 

The following buildings are currently listed in New Eastside: (source: Emporis website link above)
#      Building                      Complex   Floors        Year
1.    Aon Center                                                     83            1973
2.    Aqua                                Lakeshore East       82            2009
3.    Boulevard Towers East    Illinois Center         80
4.    Mandarin Oriental Tower Illinois Center         65            2008
5.    340 on the Park                Lakeshore East       64            2007
6.   Two Prudential Plaza       Prudential Plaza     64            1990
7.   Cuneo Building                                              60            1929
8.    Park Millennium               Illinois Center        57            2002
9.    The Parkshore                                               56            1991
10.  North Harbor Tower                                        55            1988
11.  Harbor Point                                                   54            1975
12. The Tides                           Lakeshore East      51            2007 
13. The Shoreham                   Lakeshore East      47            2005
14. Columbus Plaza                 Illinois Center       47            1980
15. Michigan Plaza South        Illinois Center       46             1985
16. The Regatta                       Lakeshore East      45             2006
17. Swissôtel Chicago              Illinois Center       45            1989
18. 151 North Michigan                                         45             1925
19. Buckingham Plaza                                          44            1982
20. One Prudential Plaza         Prudential Plaza   41            1955
21. Doral Plaza                                                    40             1982
22. Outer Drive East                                            40             1963
23. 300 East Randolph                                        37             1989
24. Fairmont Hotel                    Illinois Center     37             1987
25. The Chandler                      Lakeshore East   36             2007
26. General Motors Building                               36             1929
27. 333 North Michigan                                       34             1928
28. Hyatt Regency Chicago II    Illinois Center     33             1980
29. Hyatt Regency Chicago I     Illinois Center     33             1974
30. Blue Cross-Blue Shield                                  32             1997
31. Two Illinois Center              Illinois Center     32             1972
32. The Lancaster                     Lakeshore East    30             2005
33. One Illinois Center               Illinois Center     30             1970
34. Three Illinois Center            Illinois Center     28             1979
35. Michigan Plaza North          Illinois Center     25             1981
36. Old Republic Building


The information (is being confirmed) that the New Eastside was designated an "official neighborhood" by the Mayor, as reported on the Chicago's New East Side (CNES) website (no longer posted).

Also, the statement (was confirmed and corrected) on the homepage of the New Eastside website that: " Since the 1920's...This sign is located just north of Randolph on Harbor Drive. The "New Eastside" name was used as early as 1929 in a Chicago Ordinance on the Randolph Terminal Properties referring to the "Randolph Street Viaduct" over the railroad tracks.  CORRECTED INFORMATION - We learned from the text in the actual 1929 Chicago City Council Minutes (from their warehouse storage) that the word "New" in the title is actually "new" in the text. So the name New Eastside is really from the 1980's. We are attempting to "preserve our historic name" by having the city's sign department replace the signs that have been lost over the years. There are currently eight remaining signs in the New Eastside area."

Valuable historical information on the origin of the New Eastside area is available on the HISTORY webpage:

"NEW EAST SIDE" is the name indicated on the CHICAGO NEIGHBORHOOD MAP sold in many Gift Stores. This map was distributed by the Chicago Association of Realtors ,and copyrighted in 2001 by Big Stick, Inc. (no longer posted).

As new information is researched, it will be published on this page.

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This is the New East Randolph Viaduct that was initially constructed over the railroad tracks in 1908. The automobiles along Lake Shore Drive appear to be from the 1950's era. One Prudential Plaza was built in 1955.
Randolph Viaduct
Lake Shore Drive