Lollapalooza 2014 - Damage Estimate Only $266,000 to Chicago's Front Yard
Many of us can remember our parents reminding us that rough play was OK for the backyard, but please respect the front yard.  They knew that to keep the neighborhood looking good, every home was expected to especially keep their front yard looking good.

We were also taught to be respectful of our neighbors and not to disturb them with loud music.  

Chicago has been very slow to learn that you cannot invite 300,000 young people the our front yard, and then be surprised each year when it rains that we lose the use and enjoyment of the park for many weeks. 

Northerly Island Park is a more appropriate location for a loud music festival for 4 reasons:
1. The noise levels violate the Illinois limits in Grant Park, and the courts have determined that Chicago is NOT exempt because of the "home rule authority" in the Constitution.
2.  Stages can be set-up in many different configurations at Northerly Island. That flexibility is not available at Grant Park.
3.  Because tickets sell out quickly, the promoters could sell more tickets for the larger area available at Northerly Island.  
4.  Northerly Island would not need the high fences because it is surrounded by water.​

These damage pictures were taken on August 13, 2014, ten days after Lollapalooza was over.  
Pictures during the festival courtesy of the Chicago Tribune Online. 
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