Walk to Navy Pier on West side of bridge, without conflict with bikes ! ! 
At the NEAR meeting on October 20, 2009, 400 resident Bob Goodman asked Alderman Reilly if the stairway at the southwest corner of Lake Shore Drive and the Chicago River was open for pedestrians.  We checked out the pedestrian route that would avoid bikes and roller skaters, and the stairway has recently been cleaned (still needs painting) and is unlocked at the bottom and the middle. With the new bright light, it looks relatively safe, at least during the daylight hours. 

We walked across the bridge on Lower Lake Shore Drive to the  Spire hole-in-the-ground, to check out the route...and then took these pictures on the return to the New Eastside just north of the base of 195 Harbor (Park Shore).  Note: this bikefree pedestrian walkway is NOT handicap accessible because of the stairs.
The stairway gates on the north side of the river are locked.
Southbound Lanes of Lower Lake Shore Drive
195 Harbor
175 Harbor
No Bikes 
Chicago River
Unlocked door to River Walk Gateway Path
The stairway is relatively clean, well lighted, but needs a coat of paint
River Walk Gateway Path to Lakefront (for bikes too)
Unlocked Stairway to Lower Lake Shore Drive Bridge (on north side of river).
Walk and bikeway to the base of 195,175,155 Harbor  and the ramp up to Lake Shore East Park --->
195 Harbor
DuSable Harbor Parking
East Wall of City of Chicago Auto Pond
195 Harbor
175 Harbor
DuSable Harbor Parking Lot
195 Harbor (Park Shore)
To Lower Harbor and ramp to Lake Shore East Park -->
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To DuSable Harbor Parking Lot
195 Harbor (Park Shore)
Seven story deep Spire Foundation and future garage.
Lower Lake Shore Drive (on north side of river) -->
Safe Bridge Sidewalk (No Bikes !!)
New entrance to site from the north.
<--This is a nicer walk and bike        way to Lakeshore East Park