Walkway to Lake Front and DuSable Harbor
Park District Boat Storage for Winter (and DuSable Harbor Parking in Summer).
Vehicle Parking for Columbia Yacht Club and Public
Park Shore
195 Harbor
Pedestrian and Bike Public Access to DuSable Harbor, Lakefront, and Navy Pier------------>>>
20 ft high easement roadway from Lower Harbor Dr. to 195 garage exit and loading docks-------------->>>
Magellan Lakeshore East - 4 empty lots for 4 high rise buildings already approved by Chicago in the 2001 Amendment to the 1969 Planned Development #70
Chicago Auto Pound
<---Lower Wacker Drive (access to Chandler and Regatta garages)
River Walk
<---Gateway to Lakefront
10-Foot Park District Fence (yellow on plan)
<--- 8-Foot Iron Fence (blue on plan) 
5-Foot Iron Fence (red on plan) --->
<---6 1/2 foot opening
<--- 6 1/2 foot pedestrian and bike opening in 10-foot park district erected fence (October 6, 2010)
Contractor for Chicago Park District that is installing fence. 
This slope has been reported to Alderman Reilly's office as not being handicap accessible and needs resurfacing for wheelchair access. 
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Lakeshore East has done a good job of cleaning up their 4 empty high rise lots north of this fence.  They have been asked to work on this broken fence also.  
Lancaster and Upper Harbor
Lower Harbor and ramp up to Lakeshore Park.
Lower Harbor (and ramp up to Lakeshore East Park behind the camera)