Rather than shut down Lower Field for 4 years while Wanda is being constructed, our residents can also use the above GEMS temporary drop-off entrance under the east end of the Tides on Lower Field.  They will exit back to Lower Lower Wacker, where they can go up the ramp to Lower Wacker and around the downtown area to the Eisenhower Expressway.  Or they can go north on Lower Michigan to the Kennedy Expressway.
This is the AQUA semi-public two-way GARAGE DRIVING NORTH to Lower Lower Wacker.   The Wanda budget should be responsible for paying for a traffic security person and signs should be posted limiting speed to 10 mph.  
The other two alternatives on the Lakeshore East plan above are less desirable.  Opening the gate on Lower Harbor would reduce the security on both Lancaster parking and Regatta garage parking. 

This is the Tides garage door on western side of Lower Field
Driving west in the Tides garage.
Drive past the GEMS inside drop-off entrance that was 
created so that most of the school traffic would not overwhelm the road around Lakeshore East Park.  Alderman Reilly conditioned his approval on the front door of GEMS would not be used for students arriving and departing.  So the vast majority of the school traffic arrives and departs using Lower Wacker.
After the GEMS drop-off on the lowest garage level, traffic makes a right turn going north in the Aqua garage - 5 levels below the road between the Swissotel and the Coast.
The other alternative creating a 4-year temporary road across the 4 remaining parcels in the northeast corner would be an additional Magellan expense, however it would allow our current 14,000 residents the option of getting access to Lower Lower Wacker for a more convenient route to the Eisenhower or Kennedy Expressways. 
This is Lower Harbor Drive
Entrance to temporary Dog Area
Access road to 195 Harbor garage ------>
This is Lower Harbor Drive
This is the gated entrance to the Lancaster and Regatta garages.
Access road to 195 Harbor garage ---->
<----Ramp to-from Lakeshore East Park.
If none of the options above are selected by the Chicago Planning Department, the Alderman's Office, or the Developer Magellan, then the ramp down from Upper Columbus will still be available to get to the Wacker bypass under the downtown area traffic.

Also, the ramps between Lower Columbus and Middle Columbus will remain available for traffic between Lower Harbor and Lower Randolph and the Middle Columbus bridge over the river.   
Option A
Option B
Option C