Lakeshore East Community Meeting Presented by Magellan Development Group re: 345 E. Wacker Drive
Join Magellan Development Group to learn about ground breaking news on the next Lakeshore East rental tower on Wacker Drive.

Thursday, May 12th, 2011
6:00 pm
Lakeshore East Sales Gallery
430 E. Waterside Drive
Please note this meeting is open to all residents and neighbors of Lakeshore East.

·  499 Units
·  Studios to 3-Bedrooms
·  Amenity Floor with outdoor deck to include an estimated 6,000 s/f of indoor amenities and 13,200 of outdoor amenities
·  Number of Residential Floors: 42
If you are unable to attend this meeting, updates will be posted on the Magellan Development Community Corner Blog by May 16th, viewable at .
In May, 2011, Lakeshore East applied to the City of Chicago for the final approval of the 8th high rise building out of 16 approved in 2001.  The latest building is proposed to be a 42 story rental building (Coast) at 345 E. Wacker Dr. (just east of Swissotel) on Lot "A" in the 2001 Amendment of Planned Development #70 (shown in this next graphic).   
In the original 1969 Planned Development #70 , the City of Chicago required the lead developer to construct an "enclosed all-weather walkway...designed to accomodate uninterrupted pedestrian accesibility... It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to provide continuous major pedestrian walkways at the Arcade Level" (now called the Concourse Level) 
In 1993, Chicago required all successive lead developers to extend the Pedway to all buildings east of the Swissotel that were built at or above +53 feet on the Chicago City Datum (elevation of Upper Wacker Dr.)
In 2001, Chicago City Council approved an Amended PD #70 that was SILENT on the Pedway Extension east of Field Drive. (although someone quietly whited out the dashed line from the graphic.)  The written record, document text, and transcripts reveal: NO public notice, NO public input, NO discussion by the Plan Commission,  NO discussion by the City Council Zoning Committee, and NO discussion by the Chicago City Council. 
March 02, 2001
The Pedway Completion east of the Blue Cross and 340 buildings has also been the subject of intense research for the last decade ( ). Two separate Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have also revealed that there is NO record of ANY lead developer being relieved of the financial responsibility of completing the Pedway to ALL buildings in Planned Development #70, although again "some unknown person" included the wording "BY OTHERS" in a presentation graphic, when referring to the financial responsibility of completing the Pedway.   Alderman Reilly has studied this issue and also concluded that there is no evidence that proper public notice, hearing, or evidence exists - that relieves the lead developer of his financial responsibility, that has existed continuously for 43 years since 1969.  There have also been Covenant Agreements negotiated by the 400 Randolph Condominium Association in 1979, 1993, and 2001 that require the developer to complete the Pedway.  All three of these Covenant Agreements have legal precedence over any political Zoning Amendment.  We have all learned the legal strength of Covenants when defending Grant Park from any buildings or obstructions. 
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Please share your opinion on the need for a Pedway, especially during inclement weather.  Some of our older residents have been waiting for 43 years.   Now walking outside in extremely cold weather, rain or snow is becoming more difficult for them.
Page 4.9 of 91-page 2001 Amendment to Planned Development #70
This was the NEAR response to Magellan on May 9, 2011:

Thank you for the additional information that there will be a connection between the Swissotel and the proposed 345 Wacker building. 

 Our New Eastside community will be studying the proposed new building east of the Swissotel, not only for the "connection" to the existing Pedway system, but also for the layout of the proposed 345 Wacker building itself, and the legally confirmed plan to connect to current and future buildings (Tides, Regatta Shoreham, Chandler, Lancaster, I, L, K, J, 195, 175, 155, 400, 360, 340, BC).

 Reference: and Page 4.9 of 2001 PD#70 Amendment (copied below). 

We are looking forward to the Magellan Development presentation on Thursday in the Sales Gallery at 430 E. Waterside (in Regatta building).
Enforce Covenants,
or Alderman Condition of PD Amendment Approval
 Since 1969, each successive developer has attempted to reduce their financial obligation  to complete their Pedway covenant responsibilities.

However, it has never been done with: 
1) public input,
2) full disclosure, or
3) court approval.  

Therefore, the Pedway remains a PD#70 requirement connecting ALL BUILDINGS at the Concourse Level.

Well documented 
evidence below.
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Mark Spiegl graphic of current Pedway: 
Chicago DeTours Pedway Map (Useful info)
Pedway Completion Has Remained The Sole Responsibility of the Current Lead Developer Since 1969. The stronger Pedway Covenants never expire and can always be enforced.  The legally-weaker Planned Development #70 has never been legally amended to shift the Pedway completion financial responsibility.   The current lead developer in 2015 is Lakeshore East.
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