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This graphic has been copied from the CHICAGO CENTRAL AREA PLAN (draft dated July, 2002 , page 3.26) -  Figures 3.2.20 and 3.2.21 were prepared by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP (SOM)
SOM also prepared the Lakeshore East 2001 Amendment to Planned Development # 70 that was approved by the Chicago City Council on March 15, 2001.

However the Pedway extension (approved by the City Council) east of Swissotel, and east and west of the Blue Cross building has been omitted from the July, 2002 draft of the Chicago Central Area Plan. 

This omission should be corrected before approval by the Steering Committee: 
1) adding approved Pedway between Fairmont and Monroe Garage,
2) adding approved Pedway between Monroe Garage and 5 existing residential buildings in Planned Development #70, 
3) adding approved Pedway between AON and Blue Cross.  
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AMENDED PLANNED DEVELOPMENT #70 APPROVED BY CHICAGO CITY COUNCIL IN MARCH, 2001...The APPROVED Pedway Extensions (outlined in green) should be correctly added to the draft CHICAGO CENTRAL AREA PLAN.
Existing Pedway
Existing Pedway PLUS elevated, subway and METRA lines ....showing how recommended "Pedestrian improvements will overcome physical barriers."