Many residents understand that DOGS are NOT ALLOWED ONLY in these FOUR LOCATIONS, according to Chicago Park District Code (Chapter 7, Section B10).  In all other areas of Maggie Daley Park, including Peanut Park and the walkways adjacent to the Cancer Survivors Garden, the Park Code allows dogs on a leash of less than 6 feet. (Read actual code below this latest park plan). The park district surprised everyone on December 4, 2014, and reversed their many assurances since 2010.  That would effectively finish a 900-foot BARRIER to all Grant Park for dogs - south of Upper Randolph and east of Michigan. This abuse and violation of their own Park District Code is a "fairness" concern to our New Eastside Community.
Chicago Park District Code, Chapter 7, Section B10:
No person owning or being custodian or having control of any animal shall cause or permit such animal to enter or remain on Park District property, except:
(1) Except in areas designated by the General Superintendent as "Dog
Friendly Areas", a domestic animal may be brought into a park so long as such animal is continuously restrained by a leash not exceeding six feet in length.   Animals may not enter or remain in any building, zoo, playground, harbor, lagoon, swimming pool, spray pool, garden, athletic field, animal or bird refuge, or other areas that may be designated by signs as prohibited areas; and

(2) All persons entering Chicago Park District Dog Friendly Areas shall
comply with all applicable State of Illinois, City of Chicago and Cook
County laws and administrative regulations. The Park District is enacting
this subsection in part because it may be subject to administrative rules for
the operation of its Dog Friendly Areas issued by the Administrator of the
Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control under authority
given to the Administrator under the state's Animal Control Act (510
ILLS 5/1 et seq.) and under the Cook County Animal and Rabies Control
Ordinance (Sec X111. 20-15). This provision does not prevent the Board of
Commissioners and the General Superintendent from further regulating
Dog Friendly Area with additional requirements that are not in conflict
with state, city or county laws and regulations.

(3) No person should bring or lead any dog or other animal onto a bathing
beach except dogs may be on Lakefront beaches and unleashed during
posted times and at posted Lakefront beaches approved by the General
Superintendent. No person shall bring more than three dogs to any beach.
These restrictions do not apply to dogs utilized by police for patrol

Note the dog on the leash in this graphic presented during the 6 public hearings.  Many questions were asked of park officials, and the audience was reassured that dogs on a leash would be allowed in the new Maggie Daley Park.  
Also see 2012 (after public hearings) DNA Article (below) confirming dogs on leashes would be allowed, except in playgrounds and gardens, according to the Chicago Park District Code, Chap.7, Sect. B10. 
Leashed Dogs Allowed in all parks because Chicago wants to be dog friendly. 
Leashed Dogs Will Be Allowed in Maggie Daley Park
By Lizzie Schiffman Tufano on November 29, 2012 6:15am 

Slideshow Renderings of Maggie Daley Park, which is set to open in winter 2014 and will allow dogs on leashes. 
THE LOOP — When Millennium Park opened in the summer of 2004, many downtown dog owners were barking mad to find their leashed pups weren't welcome in the nearly 25 acres of greenspace.

But as construction continues on what will become Maggie Daley Park next door, the Chicago Park District has good news for fans of "Chicago's front yard."

The new park will allow four-legged visitors when it's scheduled to open in the spring of 2015, but the pooches will have to be on a leash at all times, park district spokeswoman Jessica Maxey-Faulkner said.

Located just east of Millennium Park, Maggie Daley Park is being constructed on 20 acres of greenspace bordered by Lakeshore Drive, East Monroe Street, South Columbus Drive and East Randolph Street, including the former Peanut Park Daley Bicentennial Plaza.

The green light for canines is good news for people like Tim Cross, 60, a retiree who lives across the street from Millennium Park, which bars even leashed dogs to keep the grass free of pet waste.

Cross usually walks his 12-year-old Queensland Heeler, Murph, along the perimeter of Millennium Park every day, making the trek down to Jackson Boulevard, where leashed dogs are permitted in Grant Park.

"It's hard," Cross said. "I'm glad [Maggie Daley Park] is going to be dog friendly. I was worried they were gonna cut us out. I was hoping they would put an area where they could go off-leash," like Grant Bark Park, an 18,000-square-foot dog-friendly area at Columbus Drive and 11th Street he frequents.

The park is named after the former first lady of Chicago, the late wife of former mayor Richard M. Daley. Maggie Daley died of breast cancer in November 2011, and the newly-inaugurated Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced plans to redevelop a park in her name last August.

Maggie herself would likely approve of the welcoming policy: the first home she shared with the ex-mayor in Bridgeport included two dogs, Casey and Murphy, according to her obituary.
Announcement 12-11-2014 email to community:
NEAR was advised just a few days ago by a park district official that NO DOGS WOULD BE ALLOWED IN MAGGIE DALEY PARK.  This last minute change just days before the ice skating ribbon will open on Saturday, December 13, 2014 was a surprise.  We are trying to learn what new reasoning may have prompted this abrupt change.

That would effectively make it impossible for New Eastside residents to walk their dogs (on a leash) from Upper Randolph to ANYWHERE IN GRANT PARK. 

The park district should reconsider their interpretation of their Code, and post all the necessary signs prohibiting dogs in ONLY the FOUR "excepted" areas shown above - before the park opens.
This is a picture of the first water being manually sprayed on to the ice skating ribbon, announced to open to the public on Saturday December 13, 2014.
No federally required handicap entrance from Lower Randolph.
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Upper Randolph
Middle Randolph (eastbound).
Maggie Daley  Park INDEX
<----Paved pathway around Lake View Hill will be included in 2015 tennis court construction contract. 
One of our neighbors started an ONLINE PETITION and has 300 signatures already as of 10pm Thursday 12-11-2014.  He is aiming for can add your voice at:
<---Open Note to Board Chief of Staff: Several Illinois Appellate Court Decisions require the "plain language" meaning and do not allow substituting words. The park district uses both "park" and "area" differently.  The last of the 12 excluded areas is NOT a park, such as Maggie Daley Park.
CLICK view Alderman Brendan Reilly's letter dated December 9, 2014 to Chicago Park District Superintendent and CEO Michael Kelly.
Alderman Reilly Opposes Dog Ban in Maggie Daley Park

Dear Neighbor:

Over the past few weeks, I have received numerous inquiries from downtown residents regarding whether or not dogs will be allowed in the newly constructed Maggie Daley Park and recently renovated Peanut Park in Grant Park. The Chicago Park District has informed me of their decision to not allow dogs in Maggie Daley or Peanut Park.

It is important to note the Chicago Park District is a separate governmental entity and taxing body, appointed by the Mayor, which has its own budget and governance structure. The Chicago Park District operates and sets policies independent of the Chicago City Council. As such, I have no jurisdictional authority over Chicago Park District policies and procedures.

That said, I have asked the Chicago Park District to consider reversing their policy and allow leashed dogs to be permitted on the pedestrian paths in Maggie Daley Park and Peanut Park. I have appealed directly to Michael Kelly, General Superintendent and CEO of the Chicago Park District, to reconsider the prohibition of dogs in Maggie Daley & Peanut Park.

Because this is entirely a Chicago Park District decision, I strongly recommend you and other concerned residents, share your concerns directly with Chicago Park District Leadership.

Please direct your comments and concerns to these Park District officials:

Michael P. Kelly  
General Superintendent & CEO
Chicago Park District
541 N. Fairbanks
Chicago IL, 60611

Dr. Bryan S. Traubert
President, Board of Commissioners
Chicago Park District
541 N. Fairbanks
Chicago IL, 60611

Please visit the following website for more information on how to submit your comments via email or at a board meeting: 

As the proud owner of two dogs (Buster and Max), I am very sympathetic to concerns about prohibiting dogs in the northern portion of Grant Park. I worked hard, with many residents from across Chicago to ultimately defeat Mayor Daley's ill-conceived plans to allow the development of a museum in Northern Grant Park. Given my history defending Grant Park, and ensuring it remains "forever open, clear and free" - I'm disappointed in the Park District's decision.

When sending your comments to Superintendent Kelly and President Traubert at the Chicago Park District, please be sure to copy Mayor Emanuel and me on all correspondence so that I may follow-up with Park District leadership on your behalf.

Brendan Reilly
Alderman, 42nd Ward
As of 2016, dog walkers are only allowed to use these 3 paths, and NOT allowed to cross-over the Cancer Survivors Garden
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