Tennis Court Lighting.....  All Bids Returned May 8, 2015

These online references were added September 23, 2015 when the New Eastside community realized that the 6 tennis courts were not going to be lighted from the side of each court, as we had recommended for the last three years.  The light pole bases were being poured for the poles to be placed on the perimeter of the 6 courts, so the lights would be almost directly into the eyes of the players.  

These online references are examples of the "proper recommended standard" lighting that is acceptable in 2015.  It appears that the New York lighting designer (see above) may not have sufficient experience with current standards.  The park district was alerted to this new problem and we recommended that additional lighting poles between the nets be added so that the "end" lights would not need to be aimed as much into the players eyes to light the center of the courts.