Because the roof of the garage was designed to support about 6 feet of soil, the original 1976 park used foam blocks to create raised areas or hills.

 Those original blocks have been stored on the miniature golf/restaurant site at Monroe, and a large quantity of additional blocks have arrived.

 In the picture at the left the new blocks are being arranged to create a slope down from Upper Randolph. 
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The gray stone drainage layer now covers about three-quarters of the new black water proof membrane.

In the picture below, the blue machine will be used to  filter and mix sand with the stored soil, before it returned to cover the drainage in Maggie Daley Park.  
Sand is being delivered to mix with the stored soil in Peanut Park.
This is the initial mechanical mixture of sand and soil. 
After the last few days of rain, this morning (11-19-2013),  15 trucks were lined up on Middle Randolph,  behind this truck that was stuck in the mud.  It took a couple of hours of discussion to solve the problem, and continue the sand delivery.
Progress on Maggie Daley Park as of November 19, 2013

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The Maggie Daley Park Plan under construction is available here:6-12-2012.

The park is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2014, and final plantings in the Spring of 2015.