Upper Randolph Elevator to garage and renovated walkway to stairs up to Monroe and Lake Shore Drive
During the construction of Maggie Daley Park, it has been difficult to get from the New Eastside to the remainder of Grant Park.  A good alternative route is to take this elevator on Upper Randolph (just west of the Cancer Survivors Garden) to LOWER level of the garage.  Then walk 900 FEET  SOUTH  through the newly renovated garage all the way to the stairway up to Monroe and Lake Shore Drive. (Only Lower level open as of Oct.,2013)

Even after Maggie Park is opened in the Fall of 2014, this would be a good route, especially during inclement weather.

The garage is well lighted, clean, and an emergency phone is available about every 60 feet to the garage patrol team.  The garage is well used during the work week, and during the summer when the Monroe Harbor boaters use it more often. 

You can even walk SOUTHWEST through the garage entry under Middle Columbus...and up the elevator in Millennium Park (across from the Art Institute).
Entrance to elevator on Randolph across from Buckingham ----->
To/From Upper Garage Level
(Still some clean-up work to do as of October, 2013.)
To/From Lower Garage Level
Open as of October, 2013
To/From Monroe and Lake Shore Drive ---->
No handicap elevator or ramp
This is the garage entrance/exit at Monroe and Lake Shore Drive (across from the Chicago Yacht Club).

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Click on WEBCAM to monitor construction ----> 
<----This air conditioner appears to be an after-thought and needs screening (or flat black paint)
This is a 900 foot straight pedestrian walkway between Randolph and Monroe (only LOWER level of the garage is open).

It is clean, dry, no-wind, and bright...and available now. 
Another call-box on the next post -->
Both levels of the garage were completely renovated in 2011 under the garage lease Agreement.  Some additional work on the upper level ceiling was recently done and some clean-up work is still needed.
This picture was taken a year ago before the Maggie Daley construction started.
This is the east wall of the garage.
               (looking north)
The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) needs to post a sign that reads:  Access to 900 foot walkway SOUTH to Monroe and Lake Shore Drive.
All of the small blue signs mis-directing visitors through the Cancer Survivors Garden were finally removed in August, 2013...and hopefully will soon be replaced directing visitors north down Field Drive to Navy Pier. 
Stairway to Garage --->