Maggie Daley Park ... progress from Oct, 2012 to July, 2013
This is the final plan presented to the community on June 12, 2012.
Last year, we expressed concern that this important path would be too steep for the thousands of current and future residents to have access from Lower Randolph and Harbor.  The architech has not resolved this issue as of July, 2013.
Play Garden
Lawn Valley
Skating Ribbon
Tennis Courts
Climbing Park
Existing Fieldhouse
These were the first two posts of the fence around the entire construction area on Oct.12,2012
October 12, 2012 - The start of construction !!
This is what  Maggie Daley Park looks like on July 28, 2013.  The new waterproof membrane is beginning at both the northwest and northeast corner. 
New waterproof membrane ---------->
New waterproof membrane ---->
New "moon light" post bases ----->
(shows future level of soil)
Re-routed ventillating ducts--->
Stock-piled top soil
Stock-piled base soil
Additional pictures from the first 10 months of construction of the new Maggie Daley Park.   It appears to be on schedule to be completed in the Fall of 2014, with final plantings in the Spring of 2015. 
Vinyl roll attached with hot tar
Tar paper attached with hot tar.
These bases for playground equipment indicate an elevation that will give a good view of Monroe Harbor from this southeast corner of Maggie Daley Park.
The garage vents have also been raised for the higher soil levels.
This stock-piled TOP SOIL in Peanut Park is about 25 feet deep.
This stock-piled BASE SOIL in Peanut Park is also about 25 feet deep.
After all this TOP and BASE soil is moved back to Maggie Daley Park,  six new regulation tennis courts will be built in Peanut Park.  The park district will insure that the lights are properly shielded, so they will not be disturbing for the 400 Randolph residents. 
These new "moon light" bases will support tall shielded lights that will provide an even over-all lower level of illumination (rather than the brighter/darker patterns we have experienced previously). 
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This progress report was provided by Alderman Reilly's weekly email on August 30, 2013:

Maggie Daley Park Update - August 2013
The first phase of construction at Maggie Daley Park is nearly complete! 

The final concrete foundations are being installed and will be ready for the Phase 2 construction of new park light poles, climbing walls, and playground equipment. Through the course of the Phase 1 work the Contractor has installed 2 new walls at the Field House, 4 new plenums for the garage ventilation system, foundations for 5 large pieces of play equipment, 35 piers to support the new climbing walls, and 103 light pole foundations.

The Garage Waterproofing Contractor (under contract with Chicago Loop Parking) is progressing rapidly to install the new waterproofing system. 

The Phase 2 Contractor will be commencing their work in the next few weeks. Following installation of the waterproofing system, the new site amenities and landscape will begin to be installed.

For additional information, please visit the official website or contact Nichole Sheehan, Project Manager for the Chicago Park District by calling  312-742-4290 or via email to